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We are a platform dedicated to bridging the global skills gap for the green hydrogen economy. Our aim is to provide comprehensive learning modules and courses to governments and companies in the green hydrogen value chain.

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7 chapters


HV1015 - Hydrogen in Practice

Fred Knot: Teacher Energy Transition

Hands-on showcase of technical real-world applications and prototypes developed at the technical college Alfa College in Groningen (NL).

6 chapters


HV3030 - (Green) Hydrogen Valley Design

Nienke Homan: CEO

Learn about the concept of hydrogen valleys and explore the challenges and potential in technology, society and economics.

11 chapters


HV1010 - Foundations of Hydrogen

Leon Stille: Manager Education

A high level overview of the different aspects of hydrogen in the Energy Transition

7 chapters


HV4010 - HyValleys in the African context

Kim du Toit: Hydrogen Economy Expert

Africa has a unique potential for low cost Green hydrogen as a booster of sustainable development of the continent.

6 chapters


HV5010 Bankable Hydrogen Projects

Kim du Toit: Hydrogen Economy Expert

Bankability refers to the ability of a project to raise finance. It is the evaluation of the viability of specific infrastructure projects and the risks involved with them.

6 chapters


HV4030 Social Life Cycle Analysis

Kim du Toit: Hydrogen Economy Expert

Explore challenges and methods to improve social acceptance of green hydrogen.

Hydrogen Learning Platform

Our mission is to equip learners with the knowledge and skills required to drive the growth of the green hydrogen economy. We believe that the transition to sustainable energy requires a comprehensive understanding of hydrogen and its applications. We provide hands-on practical courses, bite-sized content, self-paced learning, and gamified UX design to make learning fun and engaging.

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